Natural Fiber Flooring

At Carpets NY we carry the highest quality carpets made from all natural material for those in favor of styles that connect the space to the beauty of the natural world. Natural fiber flooring is admired for its rich texture and eco friendly resources. We carry Sisal, Seagrass, Natural Reeds, Mountain Grass, Solstice, and Wool carpets.

Wool is the most common natural fiber flooring, and is used in both carpets and rugs. This material is strong, resistant to stains, resistant to piling, resistant to fire, and has a coating that causes small amounts of water to bead up on its surface. Wool is also a wonderful choice as an insulating floor because its individual fibers tend to catch and retain air. This means that it has both sound and heat insulation properties.

Seagrass is a smooth anti static carpet floor covering that is made from all natural plant fibers. The crop it is manufactured from is grown like rice, planted in paddy fields which are flooded with seawater each year at the growing season. That is why it is called Seagrass.

Sisal is a soft yet durable natural fiber carpet that is relatively easy to dye, making it a very versatile flooring design material. This means that it can stand up to high traffic areas without being coarse or uncomfortable underfoot.

For more information about our Natural Fiber Flooring, please contact one of our customer service specialists at (212) 951-7194!

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