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At Carpets NY Manhattan, our commercial carpet tiles are designed for any business solution. Styles in our collection are designed for the smallest home office to the largest office building. These carpet tiles can be installed in day care centers, office buildings, retail stores, real estate offices, commercial rental properties, hotels, and many other applications.

Our instillation professionals at Carpets NY Manhattan will help you become familiar with the basics of commercial carpet tiles and how these affects you and your business. We can help you make the right decision when choosing and purchasing carpet tiles to ensure that your purchase is the right choice. We want your carpet tiles to last as long as you want it to!

We can help you start building your knowledge on commercial carpet tiles. Choosing the right tiles for a commercial space is unique to each industry. The main concerns when choosing which carpet tiles to install is balancing the pros and cons of the following features of carpet tiles:

Evaluate Foot Traffic
Is your space a high traffic area? In spaces where people are coming in and out, you will want to chose carpet tiles with stain resistance and durability. The investment you make to install higher quality carpet tiles for spaces with more foot traffic will serve you well through the life of the tiles.

Estimating Your Cost
What is your budget? It is important to keep in mind that carpet tiles are going to get used more than anything else in your commercial space. The money that you spend will determine the quality of the carpet tiles. How long do you want your carpet tiles to look good? How long do you want the carpet tiles to last? These are questions that are crucial when estimating your budget for new commercial carpet tiles.

At Carpets NY, we can help you choose colors that work with your space’s décor. We have hundreds of carpet tiles samples to choose from in a wide variety of styles, textures, and colors. Choose the carpet tiles that will look the best with your furniture, walls, and overall feeling in the office or building. We encourage you to remember that the initial extra costs for a better-quality carpet tile is not as expensive as replacing low-quality carpet tile. The higher the quality of the carpet tiles, the less hassle and expense over the long run. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for!

Carpet Tile Construction
Loop or cut pile carpet tiles are set into a rubber backing. The benefits of this type of carpet tiles are that sections are replaceable if they get damaged or ruined and the loops cannot pull because they are individually set into the rubber backing. It is the most expensive of the three but well worth the cost for the extra functionality that it offers.

Our featured brands include:

  Ulster Carpets Lane Sales carpets

Our showroom is located at 167 Madison Ave in the heart of Manhattan. To speak with one of our customer service professionals in Manhattan or to come visit our showroom call 212-951-7194 today!

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